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Bonavista Living Properties

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Restoring & Preserving
Built Heritage​

Bonavista Living has acquired more than 50 of Bonavista’s residential heritage properties to restore and rejuvenate them to their original glory.

These properties have been chosen for their architectural and historical significance, their placement within charming historic neighbourhoods, and to address the level of threat they are under. These properties will be completely restored and used as vacation rentals, affordable housing units, or sold as private homes.

Bonavista Living is injecting new life into once-vacant properties through preservation and redevelopment, thus awakening quaint laneways and fishermen’s footpaths while offering quintessential and authentic outport space



Watts Films

Terre Neuve - John Norman

Excerpt from the movie Terre-Neuve (Newfoundland) produced by filmed by Wats Films in 2014 for the 2015-2016 season of "Les Aventuriers Voyageurs" in 45 movie theatres in Quebec.

Saving Bonavista's architectural

treasures, one building at a time

He's a heritage buff with a steampunk attitude—and he's restoring one of Newfoundland’s grand old towns. John Norman is the Baron of Bonavista.​

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