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reconstructed 2016

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134A Coster Street 

Jubilee Barn

 - Russelltown Inn -

Jubilee House is a two-storey mansard-roofed structure with bonneted dormers. It was built in 1887 - the year of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.

Designed by prominent and prolific architect Ronald Strathie, it was the home of local businessman, tinsmith, and farmer, John Withers Lawrence. Prior to restoration, the house had been abandoned. The home was restored in the early 2000s but the reconstruction of the original barn was not completed until the property was purchased by Bonavista Living. 


Historic images of the Russelltown area were used to reconstruct the original 1887 style barn that was once used by the Lawrence family. The building now contains two private suites for the Russelltown Inn.

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