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circa. 1919


Andrew Abbott House

This home is in the historic neighbourhood of Mockbeggar which was settled as early as the 1600s. It was lived in by fisherman, Andrew Abbott (1892-1974), his wife Mary Jane Mouland (1892-1977) and their three children Selina (1918), Wilson (1928) and Howard (1929).

Andrew and Mary’s marriage certificate dates the home to at least 1919. However, due to the scale of the home and materials used during construction, it is believed that it may be older and possibly belonged to Andrew’s father, George Abbott, who married Selina Abbott on March 23, 1886. Once Bonavista Living starts restoration a more accurate date will be determined.

The Andrew Abbott home is one of many homes relocated to Long Drung. In Mockbeggar during the early 1900s homes were relocated on two separate occasions from the Coaker Canal to Long Drung. The first was in 1911 to accommodate the installation of a new railway line through Mockbeggar on what is now known as Roper Street. A second lot of homes relocated took place under the direction of Sir William Coaker before the construction of the Coaker Canal in 1923. The Andrew Abbott home was relocated during one of these moves; however, it can not be determined when the relocation took place or where the home was originally located.

The home is currently covered in vinyl siding and retains no original architectural features. Once Bonavista Living fully restores the property, several original features will be reinstated, such as two over two windows and storms with the minimal window trim, as well as traditional spruce clapboard.


The price of a restored property is based on location, size, and interior finish selections. At Bonavista Living, we work with the buyer to restore the property based on the needs and budget agreed upon prior to the start of restoration.


Each property is unique, and the interior of each property is fully customizable. The exterior restoration is based on the property history, although select liberties can be taken during restoration.


Please contact us for further details on the purchase and restoration of any property.


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