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circa. 1906


John Ayles House


Situated within the historic Bonavista neighbourhood of Mockbeggar, the John Ayles House was built circa. 1905 for John and Sarah Ayles (nee Abbott; married 8 October 1905). The neighbourhood of Mockbeggar has been a settled part of Bonavista since the 1600s and some of the homes in the area can be dated back to the 1700s. Due to a rich history, the neighbourhood has been declared a Municipal Heritage District and is surrounded by dozens of municipal and provincial designated structures.

John Ayles was one of eight siblings born to George and Susan Ayles (nee Edmunds; married 18 December 1856). Three of the Ayles siblings, Levi, Samuel and John were known to be boat-builders by trade and presumably fisherman. However, each sibling also aided in the construction of each other's family home along the tiny Mockbeggar street. First Levi (married Rebecca married circa. 1893) built his home, then Samuel (married Isabella Rolls on 27 December 1899) and the third house belonged to John which is situated on the corner of Ayles Road and Long Drung.

The John Ayles house represents a typical late 1800s - early 1900s home within Newfoundland vernacular construction. The house has a traditional steeped gable roof typical of the Bonavista region and windows which are a 6x6 and 3x6 design, also very common for the region. Noted on the house are some small vernacular details add by the homeowner and locally crafted, attempting to mirror the architectural flavour of the community. Other notable features on this home is the gable end windows as well as the small decorative touches found on the entry porch.

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