circa. 1893


Edward Mouland House

The Mouland House was constructed in 1893 as part of a duplex shared by Edward (1857) and his younger brother Roger (1865 – 1922). Edward and Roger were two of Mark and Maria Mouland’s eleven children. Of the eleven children, Edward and Roger lived in the only duplex built in the neighbourhood of Mockbeggar. Mark and Maria’s other children were Susannah (1852), Caroline (1855), Francis (1859), Archibald (1861), Fanny (1863), Mary (1867), Martha (1869), Arabella (1871) and Dorcas (1873).

In 1915 Roger’s oldest son, Abednego (1893 – 1958) took ownership of his father’s section of the duplex upon his marriage to Maggie Faulkner (1895 – 1920). During this period Abednego and Maggie decided to separate their home from Edward’s half of the duplex and roll it to the far east corner of the Mouland property creating a fully detached single dwelling house. Edward’s section of the duplex remained where it stands today. Currently, the property retains its original clapboard, eave boards, two over two windows and simple window trims, which are all representative of a Mockbeggar home in the late 19th century.

Albert built this steeped gabled home in the historic neighbourhood of Canaille located on the corner of Tom Paul’s Hill and the narrow Robbin’s Lane. When threatened with demolition in the 1990s the property was acquired by the Bonavista Historical Society. A cedar shake roof was reinstated to keep the home from further dilapidation. In 2014 Bonavista Living acquired the property.

The home retains its original clapboard and framing. Once Bonavista Living fully restores the property several original features will be reinstated, such as two over two windows and storms with the minimal window trim, as well as traditional spruce clapboard.