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circa. 1906


Albert Sweetland House


Albert Sweetland (1881 -1958), a well-known local fisherman, built this home around the time of his marriage to Margaret Ellen Abbott in 1906. The home was built near Bonavista Harbour in an area of town called Sweetland’s Bank, now part of a municipal heritage district. 

Common in this area of town, throughout the early 20th century, was the addition of hexagonal and rectangular bay windows. Though unknown if it is original to the property, Bonavista Living has decided to add a first-floor bay window to the front parlour of the home during its 2014 restoration.

The property also has a low gable roofline that would have originally featured a Bonavista roundel first used by the Strathie firm in the 1880s. The window detail on the property was relatively simple when compared to the average Bonavista window treatment. The traditional two over two window style common for this time was used in the home's original construction and has been reinstated during restoration.

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