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circa. 1835


William Hicks House

The Glamping Grounds

The William Hicks house is known as a “first-generation” home and often referred to as a ‘settler’s house’. This type of home was built most frequently from 1835-1910 and we have dated William Hicks home to approximately 1835.

First-generation homes were very rugged looking with only a tiny loft space for sleeping. In fact, the loft was so small it was impossible to stand up. Several large additions and the oversized front patio have been removed to restore this property to its original state. Located in an area of Bonavista called Rolling Cove, Bonavista Living has created its own version of ‘glamping pods’ a fusion of glamour and camping and have incorporated the William Hicks house as part of this experience.

These pods are nestled among the rocks overlooking the ocean. Each pod is newly constructed and can accommodate up to two guests, perfect for solo adventurers or couples who want a unique retreat.  

The pods are eco-friendly and lit by solar lights. Pods are small and intimate but hugely comfortable and have been built with a wooden exterior and large windows minimizing its impact on the landscape.

The William Hicks house is used as the ‘home base’ and has all the modern necessities a traveller requires. Each guest will receive a key to their own private bath, electricity, running water, full kitchen, on-site parking, and wifi access.

After a day spent exploring Bonavista, guests can relax outside on a couple of lounge chairs and take a beautiful view. In the evenings, guests can roast marshmallows and stargaze around a fire pit.

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