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circa. 1911


Amos Hicks House

Located on Fitzgerald's Lane, the Amos Hicks house is situated within the Bonavista neighbourhood of Rolling Cove. Amos Hicks (1886 – 1972) was a well-established fisherman in the community and built his home around the time of his marriage to Lizzie Ann Abbott (1896-1869) in the Bonavista neighbourhood of Rolling Cove in 1911. The couple had 10 children but sadly seven of them died before the age of one. Their children were; Eli (1915) and his twin Mamie (1915), Fiona (1916 – ), Emmanuel (1919-1959), Typhinia ( 1921 – ), Clarice Lydia (1923-1924), Newman ( 1925 - ), Shirley Grace (1928), Eric Eugene (1930), Ruby Jane (1932-1935), Lionel Wesley (1938).

Once this turn of the century home is fully restored it will feature two over two windows with wide window casings, significant rain caps and decorative brackets.  An original feature that will be reinstated on the gable ends of this home is a third-floor attic window, a wide triangular panel topped with dental mouldings and the Bonavista roundel. This architectural feature, unique to Bonavista, can be seen on many historic properties built by the Strathie firm.

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