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circa. 1916


Albert Rolls House

Although this property is often locally referred to as the Doris White House, the home was originally built and owned by Doris White's father, Albert George Rolls (1878 – 1969). Albert built the home around the time of his first marriage to Tryphena Abbott in 1916. Tryphena died soon after their marriage and Albert remarried a widow by the name of Emily Owens nee Burton. Emily was first married to Sea Captain Richard Owens of St. John’s. Owens lost his life in World War I in 1917 when sailing from Gibraltar. Albert and Emily married in 1919 and lived in the home with their four children.

Albert built this steeped gabled home in the historic neighbourhood of Canaille located on the corner of Tom Paul’s Hill and the narrow Robbin’s Lane. When threatened with demolition in the 1990s the property was acquired by the Bonavista Historical Society. A cedar shake roof was reinstated to keep the home from further dilapidation. In 2014 Bonavista Living acquired the property.

The home retains its original clapboard and framing. Once Bonavista Living fully restores the property several original features will be reinstated, such as two over two windows and storms with the minimal window trim, as well as traditional spruce clapboard.


The price of a restored property is based on location, size, and interior finish selections. At Bonavista Living, we work with the buyer to restore the property based on the needs and budget agreed upon prior to the start of restoration.


Each property is unique, and the interior of each property is fully customizable. The exterior restoration is based on the property history, although select liberties can be taken during restoration.


Please contact us for further details on the purchase and restoration of any property.


Thanks for reaching out!

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