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Bonavista has it all

Published: Sep 26 at 9:13 a.m.

BONAVISTA, N.L. – While the rain and wind were steady on Saturday, Sept. 22, in Bonavista, the community refused to let it rain on their parade as they celebrated being named the “Most Road Trippable Town in Canada,” thanks to a contest from Chevrolet.

Bonavista Mayor John Norman was presented with a trophy signifying the accomplishment, as well as a monument that was erected in the town. At the event on Saturday, locals celebrated while enjoying music and booths from local business owners.

The town has Chevrolet to thank for the recognition, but also the Yildiz family of St. John’s whose video entry of their road trip to the Bonavista Peninsula area was the lucky winner of the contest. It was also co-sponsored by the Road Trippers app.

Yavuz Yildiz told The Packet they were glad to have helped bring the recognition for the community. Their video contest submission was viewed over 130,000 times.

In an interview last week, Yildiz says they’ve travelled to places in Newfoundland before and they were familiar with some of the places on their route like Terra Nova National Park and Butter Pot Park, however this was their first time in Bonavista.

“Using the Road Trippers app we discovered there’s a lot of things you can do there, so we were excited to have the opportunity to be there,” said Yildiz.

He says, when they arrived in the community, they were surprised by how hospitable the town was, adding it really made their trip special.

“It’s not just amazing scenery or amazing food, but it’s also the people. The people are very kind and lovely. They want to interact with you and talk with you. You just feel like you’re part of the town.”

When they found out they were the finalists for the Most Road-Trippable contest, Yildiz says he told his wife Nadine that it’s not necessarily because their submission was special, it was because the subject — Newfoundland and Labrador — is so special.

“Being chosen as the best by the panel was unexpected, but not necessarily surprising considering how amazing people of Newfoundland and Labrador are.”

On their return trip to Bonavista this past weekend, Yildiz says they hoped to see even more of the Bonavista area during their stay. It will be their first time back since their documented trip in July 2018.

He adds that their two young daughters Ava and Ivy really enjoyed Bonavista as well.

“My youngest daughter Ivy wants to go collect blueberries!” he laughs.

The experience certainly has left a lasting effect on the Yildiz family, one that they say is perfect for anyone looking for a vacation.

“You can create lasting memories wherever you are with your family, but if you are going to pick one spot, I feel that Bonavista is the place to do it because, from activities, to nature, to just simply finding a quiet place to be with your family or finding a pub that’s going to welcome you … However you slice and dice it, Bonavista has it all!”

Twitter: @jejparsons

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