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built mid 1980s


Lewis Fifield Property

Three generations of the Fifield family owned and operated a business on this Church Street property. The first business was a general store built by Leonard Fifield in the 1940s where he sold a variety of groceries and dry goods. Leonard and his wife Alfreda Fisher lived in a two-storey home located directly behind the general store and Leonard’s son Bob also build his home on the same property. After many years in operation, Leonard sold the business to his brother  Alexander.   Alexander ran the general store for several years selling the same type of groceries and dry goods as his brother. ​


In the late 1970’s Lewis Fifield, son of Alexander and Eva Hicks purchased the business from his father. Lewis operated the family business for several years until the early 1980s when Lewis decided to construct a new building for his new business. Lewis no longer wanted to operate a general store and instead started construction on a new building for a flower shop. He removed both Leonard’s and Bob’s home and the old general store, constructing a more modern style building for Busy Bee Flowers. Since the building was large enough to have multiple businesses, at one time Lewis rented sections of the building. Lewis operated Busy Bee Flowers until the mid-1990s.​

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