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Built around 1899 by Thomas Randell, this house stands in a prominent location in the neighbourhood of Rolling Cove. The home is an excellent surviving example of the popular double peak design. This twin steeply peaked dormer style is unique to Bonavista and can be attributed to master builder Ronald Strathie.

This turn of the century home features two over two windows with wide window casings, significant rain caps and decorative brackets. An original  feature that is reinstated  on   the  gable  ends  of  this  home  is  a third  floor attic
  window, a wide triangular panel topped with  dental  mouldings and the Bonavista roundel. This architectural feature, unique to Bonavista,  can be seen on many historic properties built by the Strathie firm.

During the restoration process the large porch that was added in the 1970`s was demolished and a linhay was added to scale.

Civic Address:  42 Fitzgeralds Lane- view property map 
Construction: circa. 1899

Front and side facade during restoration, 2015.

Thomas Randell House

The price of this home is based on location, size and on interior finish selections. Bonavista Living will work within the buyers budget to customize the home on finish, style, etc.

Prices range from $160,000 to $250,000.

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