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Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 2
Family Room / Kitchen: Open concept; Exposed beam ceiling; High-end stainless steel appliances included. 
Laundry Room: Yes

Basement: Yes - Crawlspace Only

Water/Sewer: Yes - Municipal 

View: Panoramic view of Bonavista and the Atlantic Ocean

Selling Price: $165,000

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P.O. Box 1509

Bonavista, Newfoundland  A0C 1B0


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The Heber Rolls house is located in the neighborhood of Canaille. This area was traditionally a lower class neighborhood populated predominantly by fisherman and farmers. The house is accessible by way of a charming narrow laneway called  Rolls Lane. Since the home is perched on the side of a small hill, known locally as Rolls Hill, the home has beautiful views of Canaille and Bonavista harbour from the second floor.

Heber Rolls, a local fisherman, constructed this home at the time of his marriage to Martha Elizabeth Penny of English Harbour, Trinity Bay.  Heber and Martha lived in the home for nine years until Heber's death in 1927. At that time Heber worked on the construction   of  the   stone  Anglican Church in  Bonavista. He  died from septicemia or blood poisoning when a pimple on his nose came in contact with cement. Following Heber’s death, Martha married a Russell but they did not live in the house as a married couple. Instead Heber’s unwed sister Lydia Rolls lived in the home. Martha and her new husband moved to another neighborhood in Bonavista known as Russelltown on Norman’s Lane.

The home was purchased by the Bonavista Historical Society in the 1990’s because it was under threat of demolition. Bonavista Living purchased the home in 2015 and has fully restore both the interior and exterior.

The Rolls house is modest in style. It has a traditional steep gable roof and two over two windows with unembellished trims and narrow raincaps. Through restoration Bonavista Living has reinstated a traditional cedar roof, traditional clapboard and a two over two window style. The Heber Rolls house has been sold as a private residence.

Heber Rolls House

Front and side facade during restoration, 2014.


Civic Address: 15 John Cabot Drive
Construction: 1918