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Civic Address: 59 Roper Street -view property map
Construction: circa. 1910
​Selling Price: $165,000

Front and side facades after restoration, 2016.

Archibald Abbott House

This home is located in the historic neighbourhood of Mockbeggar, settled as early as the 1600’s. This early 20th century home was built by fisherman, Archibald Abbott around the time of his marriage to Amelia Durdle in 1910.

Archibald and Amelia lived in the family home with their three children Eli, Stewart and Ena.  Almost a year after the birth of their third child Amelia died at the young age of 26. Archibald did not remarry. Following Archibald’s death in 1944 the oldest son Eli inherited the home and lived there with his wife Greta Linthorne.

​The Bonavista Historical Society purchased the home in the late 1990’s because it was under threat of demolition and because it is located within a significant heritage cluster. The house also includes some notable architectural features including a steep gable roof and traditional two over two windows with wide trim.

In 2014 Bonavista Living purchased the property and fully restored the home using traditional materials and locally constructed windows from Paterson Woodworking, Upper Amherst Cove. The Archibald Abbott House has been sold as a private residence.

Front and side facades before restoration, 2014.


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