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Jubilee House accommodation is part of the Russelltown Inn.  To book your stay at Jubilee House call or visit our website. 

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A Second Empire style residence located in the historic town of Bonavista, Jubilee House is a jewel-like example of successful private restoration. The home is a two storey mansard roofed structure with bonneted dormers. It was built in 1887 - the year of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Designed by prominent and prolific architect Ronald Strathie, it was the home of local businessman, tinsmith, and farmer, John Withers Lawrence. Prior to restoration, the house had been abandoned. The project required  replacement​ of the wooden clapboard, windows, roofing, and damaged decorative details. Now, a brass plaque by the door once again proclaims "Jubilee House 1887", and the original doorbell greets guests lucky enough to encounter the lovely home.

Winner of the 2007 ​Southcott Award for Building Restoration / Preservation

Civic Address: 134 Coster Street - view property map
Construction: circa.  1887

Front and side facade after restoration, 2014.

Jubilee House