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About Bonavista Living

As, one of the oldest settlements in North America, Bonavista has a history of European settlement which stretches back to Giovanni Caboto’s landing in 1497. Currently, Bonavista is home to the finest designated inventory of built heritage in rural Newfoundland. This heritage creates a unique sense of place that will, through our family of companies, spur economic regeneration and inspire imaginative new development throughout   the  town’s  historic  downtown  core.

Bonavista Living is fashioning a unique investment in the historic community of Bonavista, Newfoundland. The company’s core objectives comprise the preservation and restoration of the existing built heritage of Bonavista,  systematically  protecting  and capitalizing upon its heritage resources, while creating a more livable community for all.

Bonavista Living and Bonavista Creative with varied long term goals, will operate in a complementary fashion not only to restore physical structures but also to foster new enterprise that will enhance the Bonavista region. Bonavista Living has acquired numerous residential heritage properties in order to restore and rejuvenate them to their original glory. These properties have been chosen for their architectural and historical significance, their placement within charming historic neighborhoods, as well to address our concern for the level of threat under which they exist. Upon complete restoration, they may be used as vacation rentals, as affordable housing units, or sold as private homes. Bonavista Living aims to inject new life into once vacant properties through preservation and redevelopment, thus awakening quaint laneways and fisherman’s footpaths while offering quintessential and authentic outport space.